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The Right Ideas

A focused not-for-profit organization that specializes in running large Phase II and Phase III clinical trials.

Academic leadership, simplicity of study design, speed of accrual, independence from government funding are qualities that make us different from the rest.

The end result is Registration Quality Data, in record time.

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The Right People

Our patients, who generously agree to participate in research.

Our global network of investigators, who contribute time, energy, and their resources in order to advance the science.

Our staff, who are dedicated, goal oriented, and have impeccably high standards - many of whom were trained in the industry.

Our many sponsors and collaborators in the pharmacuetical industry.

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The Right Science

We employ simple, clean study designs that address important questions with good medications.

We employ planned protocol analyses - "We will analyze no trial before its time."

TRIO has earned scientific credibility and transition from empiric to translational research.

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The Right Technology

We employ cutting edge Information Management Capabilities, utilizing state of the art computer hardware and software - Oracle Clinical.

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New TRIO Website Launch in March 2016

TRIO on air on Dec 14th at 7:30aET and 7:30aPT, don’t miss the Innovations with Ed Begley Jr broadcast on Discovery channel: click here to learn more

Welcome To TRIO (Translational Research in Oncology)

TRIO is a not-for-profit clinical research organization that is dedicated to advancing translational cancer research by bringing forward innovative and targeted therapeutic concepts into the clinical trial setting. TRIO offices are based in Canada, France and Uruguay. With an international network of 2000 investigators and 450 cancer centers in over 45 different countries, TRIO has conducted a number of new and innovative global studies evaluating systemic therapy for cancer.

TRIO entity comes from the merge of CIRG (Cancer International Resarch Group) and TORI (Translational Oncology Research International), and the wide group of preclinical researchers at UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center to become part of an exciting innovative translational research program.

TRIO is developing from proof of concept up to registrational phase III trials in different setting such as breast, ovary, GI and other cancers.